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EIN Presswire distribution footprint reaches millions. And unlike our competitors we combine a press release distribution service with media monitoring and RSS feeds that are used world-wide by journalists, professionals and businesses - everyday - and this means greater effectiveness for you. Journalists and key decision-makers use EIN Newsdesk to streamline their news gathering and research. Our users include the worlds leading media, businesses, institutions, and individuals. EIN Newsdesk users get access to our Internet-leading archive of more than 200 million articles, easily accessible through EIN proprietary Power Search tool, a valuable asset used by journalists and researchers worldwide.

In 2000, was created to help you find food, wine, beer and spirits events near you, no matter where in the world you happen to be. We are re talking about dinners, tastings, festivals, classes and any other event that has a food/drink theme. New events are posted hourly, so you will never be bored on this worldwide road trip.

Since 2001, Cascade Farmlands has actively promoted and supported small farms and agricultural tourism in North Central Washington. Cascade Farmlands is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting small agribusinesses and helping visitors experience and connect with the bounty and beauty of farms, orchards and local businesses in North Central Washington. For our members, we provide support, training and event coordination. In 2006, Cascades Farmlands was voted the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce No.1 Business in Chelan County. Cascade Farmlands has promoted agricultural tourism events such as the highly acclaimed Leavenworth Wine Walk and is responsible for the creation and distribution of the Cascade Farmlands Driving Map.

Asia Today was an Asian news programme produced by the BBC and was shown on BBC World News during the Asian morning hours. This programme used to be available exclusively in Asia Pacific, South Asia and Middle East but as of a 1 February 2010 revamp is now aired worldwide. It used to be broadcast from the BBC London studios before being moved to the BBC Singapore bureau which is in the CBD of Singapore.

Since its launch in 1999, pressbox has become one of the pre-eminent online media resource portals acting as an online hub between opt in journalists and PR organisation and business. PR professionals are able post unlimited press releases to the pressbox newswire and directory. Opt in journalists are then able to browse the directory in their own time and make contact about stories they are interested in.