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One goal of Advanced Biofuels USA,” said founder Joanne Ivancic, “is to help decision-makers and opinion leaders understand how  farmers, growers, researchers and industry can produce sustainable and economical biofuels that will directly replace all types of transportation fuels including gasoline and jetfuel, and thus will provide for energy security, military strategic flexibility, climate change mitigation and rural economic development

Since 1996, ASIA TODAY has been a global leader in online publishing and distribution of news and multimedia content across a variety of media channels throughout the world. is world's Top 10 Asian news portals, selected from thousands of websites featuring Asian news, and one of the most trending blogs in 2017-2018, according to global search engine and social metrics

Precision is going to do away with waste and will give a major boost to the economy; according to Alle Bruggink and Diederik van der Hoeven in their new book ‘More with Less, Welcome to the Precision Economy’. Precision technology enables companies to make better products: of better quality, producing less waste and less environmental pollution, using less energy, in short: more sustainable. And in mankind’s use of hardware, a shift is going on towards more efficient use (less idle property): the sharing economy. But precision will also come with its dilemmas, discussed by the authors

The Pharmaceutical Industry is changing. While the North American and European markets have seen growth in this industry slow, facilities close and jobs being lost as the big pharma companies attempt to adjust to changing economic conditions, increasing generic competition as patents expire and dwindling drug pipelines, the Asia-Pacific region has seen a rapid shift and subsequent growth which shows no signs of slowing now. The “Emerging Markets” are benefitting from a combination of factors including, changing economic conditions, a highly educated and skilled potential workforce and lower overall costs of production, which have encouraged the major Pharma/Biopharma companies to look east and make continuing substantial investments in R&D and Manufacturing operations in the region

We take great pleasure in inviting Dentists and associated professionals across the world for our upcoming WCDO 2021 to witness and participate in highly professional scientific discussions and sessions. Hope you all join and make the most exciting event of the year successful.

WCDO 2021 will have Invited Talks/Keynote Talks, Scientific Sessions, Workshops, Poster Presentations, Exhibitions, B2B meetings, Networking Sessions etc. As part of encouraging young researchers, we have a special session, Young Scientist Session. Hope you all join and make the most exciting event of the year successful.

On our platform, we don't control the outcome of the rankings. We believe our users should be able to determine which vendors are truly the best.

Our rankings are based on client experiences or as we commonly refer to as user reviews. We are tired of the pay for play review platforms where companies simply pay to get ranked higher. Companies that deliver positive experiences and attract positive feedback get ranked higher than those that don't.

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